Dreaming in Colour

Exploring life's dichotomies, where the warmth and imagination of childhood blends
with the complexities and nuance of our present experience.

Between Inflated Dreams & Whispered Memories

Using coloured pencil on paper, I manifest surreal dreamscapes drawing inspiration from
the playful opulence of jumping castles and the muted tones of vast landscapes.


An ongoing series of surreal dreamscapes exploring a retrospective future. Vignettes that reimagine and reframe, seeking to blur the lines between the ephemeral and the eternal, natural and artificial, the intimate and the expansive.

The mist drifting in from the Atlantic, across the fairground perched temporarily by the shore. Papou's Milkbar by the arches of Central Station in the late 80s'. A dusty, ostentatious inflatable castle, my daughter's laughter echoing through vivid colour.

I work in coloured pencil on paper, the process is nostalgic; reminiscent of the simplicity and innocence of childhood drawing; and a channel for unravelling, contemplation and connection.

The drawings become a reflection on how we navigate our polarised world and constructed realities of our digital lives. They are an invitation into the nuanced spaces where the dualities coexist. In the grey, in the process, in the act of colouring, we find a moment of escape, a subtle pause that we've been yearning for.


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  • Artist and Mother

    Born in Sydney and anchored in her Aegean heritage, Kareena has discovered a refreshing muse in Lisbon's colourful streets. Her creative journey, which began with a foundation in illustration and design, has unfurled into a multidisciplinary practice that's both deeply personal and continuously evolving.

    Kareena champions the idea that art serves as a facilitator of connection and freedom, an ethos evident in the pieces she creates. Using coloured pencils, she captures the spectrum of the human experience — from moments of introspection to broader narratives, from the tangible to the ethereal.

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