From the Archive | 2008 - 2018

A curated collection of my works, each representing a chapter
in my creative journey and evolving artistic practice.
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Another Night Passed

Mixed Media Drawings on Paper | 2008 - 2009

From the Menagerie

Portrait Series | Mixed Media Drawings on Paper | 2010 - 2011


Mixed Media Drawings on Paper | 2012

Harlequin Portraits

Mixed Media Drawing on Hahnemühle Paper | 2012

Beyond the Menagerie

Mixed Media Drawings on Hahnemühle Paper | 2012 - 2013

Greyhound Studies

Watercolour on Paper | 2014


Video | 2015

I made this work on a two week field research visit on a remote station at Fowlers Gap in the Australian outback. I was anticipating that my response would be that of isolation and even loneliness being surrounded by an enormous sky and a whole lot of 'nothing'. However my experience was the opposite. I felt a great sense of expansiveness. Even aspects and elements that I saw as fragmented, removed or disconnected resonated some kind of unity and oneness to me.

The Hare

Hand-Pulled Screenprints on Paper | 2016


Watercolour on Arches Paper | 2016

An oversized experimental watercolour painting that was an extension of my personal journey to re-ground and took inspiration from field research on the Greek island of Samos, in the north-eastern Aegean.

Athena and The Goddesses

Mixed Media Works on Hahnemühle Paper | 2016

Femme | Your Vulnerability Gives You Strength

Copper | 2017 -

A small work from a series of 'portraits' that explore the notions of the Icon and the Archetype, using copper and oxidation processes; scale and texture to emphasise intimacy and privacy, and to emanate the perception of delicacy, purity, connection and the Feminine essence.

Banksia and The Child

Mixed Media Drawings on Paper | 2018


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